Pughe Family Holiday Evening

An amazing fun filled evening with the Pughe family and many great friends.

Holiday Cocktails, food and Christmas spirits for a festive holiday party. What more could you ask for!

Testimonial - In Chris's Own Words

What Day Was Your Event
December 20

First Question - Did Everyone have fun ?
Everyone had a blast.

How did we do?
Straight up did an awesome job. Adrian was prompt at responding to questions I had. His signature drink selections were fabulous. The shopping list took all the mystery and stress out of wondering if you have all the right ingredients for your guests to have a memorable night.

How well did we do in organizing your event with you?
You were prompt, fun, informative, and eager to help. I never felt as though I was bothering you. It felt as though I was dealing with a friend, who had a personal investment in how well the night went.

Was our Server / servers a pleasure to have at your event?
The server was awesome to have at the event. He was personable, ensured that everyone was 'topped up' and even cleaned up in between "customers".

Was there anything unique you noticed that we did in planning or on the day of your event?
You were professional, yet personal. It was awesome how you were able to pick up on people's characters and make them feel welcome, unique and special.

Last but not least - Would you recommend us to anyone else?

Could you give us a few overall thoughts about Straight Up Bar Services?
It was a small investment, with huge payoffs, They took all the guess work out of quantities and supplies by consulting with me, making suggestions for 'signature drinks' and then providing a shopping list. When I couldn't find an ingredient, Straight Up staff answered my panic text, and came up with a plan B that turned out magnificent. Adrian took his job very seriously and the bar was just the perfect extra 'pop' for the guests.

I can't begin to tell you how awesome it was for me to be able to actually visit with all the guests, knowing full well that someone was making them a cocktail. Extra kudos to Straight Up, because I didn't expect them to tidy up here and there and come out and top folks drinks up when the bar wasn't busy.. We are so pumped about our decision to hire Straight Up! It was the perfect, classy, POP the party needed. Thank you very much!

How Did You Hear About Us
Saw you at an event we both attended

Chris Pughe