What does it take to be a good Bartender?

It's about so much more than just showing up to an event and putting on a pretty face. It takes thoughtful professional planning, a great attitude and respect for every guest, partner, vendor, and of course the host, event organizer, and the bride and groom. We know what works and what doesn't and we spend quality time to understand your unique event with our experience and knowledge of previous events. We think of all the fine details, for example, who will cork the wine if it's set on the tables for your guests at dinner.

We can recommend crowd favorite signature cocktails and great wine, as well as other small thoughts and details that will make your guests experience the BEST while getting drinks at the bar and enjoying the rest of the event.

Below are a few simple things that we believe make a great bartender and also a great event experience.



B A great bartender knows who to work a crowd and keep everything flowing.
A A great attitude, friendly smile and respect for everyone at every event.
R Acts and maintains being responsible in all situations.
T Is able to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.
E A great bartender works effectively and efficiently under all circumstances.
N A no-nonsense and professional approach to every unique event.
D Keeping a dynamic High energy attitude always reflects well for your guests. 
E Entertaining and going above and beyond is what we strive for at all times.
R Building positive relationships with our guests, partners, vendors and of course our amazing clients.



   Let us know when you need someone "who knows what it takes" for your next special event.

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