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Additional Notes and General Event Info

Arrival & Departure Times - Generally we arrive an 1hr to an 1.5hr prior to your Wedding to ensure our duties are completed prior to guests arriving. We depart roughly an 1hr after your event ends. This includes bar tear down & venue clean up (see our duties).

Extra's - We offer a few additional services such as picking up liquor prior to your event, storing it and bringing it with us the day of. We also offer Glassware, Slurpee Machines, Premium Mix and Candy Snack Packages.

Gratuity or Tip Jars - Gratuities/Tips are not included in the services we offer, but are greatly appreciated. Choose either a tip jar, which is a great way for your guests to show their appreciation for our hard work OR we add an additional 20% to your final bill.

Group Sizes (250ppl plus) - The below packages are designed for most standard group sizes. For very large group sizes of 250 or more, please contact us for a customized quote.

Holiday Dates - Just like everyone else we enjoy our holidays as well. That being said, we do charge a holiday fee based on the specific holiday, but always keep it reasonable.

Liqour License - A liquor license is required for all events/venues that will be serving alcohol and is the hosts responsiblity/liablity to get UNLESS your event is held at a private residence.

Open BarAll drinks are free. We can provide you with a customized liquor list to purchase based on the number of guests.

Our Duties - Through-out the event, we will clear tables of plastic cups, emptie bottles and/or glassware (bar glassware only). All bottles and cans are bagged and taken off site for recycling. Final clean up of all plastic cups, emptie bottles and/or glassware done at the end of the night. If you require additional duties, please contact to discuss as arrangments can be made.

Payment - Once your have confirmed your event with us, we require a non-refundable deposit payable by Visa, Mastercard or E-Transfer to "hold the date". Full payment is due two weeks prior to your event.

Toonie Bar VS By Donation - Tonnies bars are a great way to recoup some of the cost of the alcohol, $2.00 per drink, non-alcoholic is always free. We provide a $200 float. Given our experience by donation doesn't work all that well. You leave it up to your guests whether they would like to donate money for a drink or drink for free. Most choose to drink for free.

Travel - Depending on distance we may bill for travel, but will always try to keep it reasonable.


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